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We care about your business as much as you do. Therefore, we work with you every step of the way to ensure we are delivering the right solution for you business at the right time. When four-star service is a must, you can count on our year-round flawless service. We know what you really want, and more importantly, how to position it properly for maximum exposure.

Marketing Services

Plain and simple, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of bringing more qualified prospects to your website through the most popular search engines.FAWWS utilizes 2 highly effect SEM strategies to double or even triple your revenues.

Web Design & Development

We understands how to attract the right people to your business by using simple yet effective custom website designs that literally will do all the customer acquisition for you.

Mobile App Development

We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge Mobile Application Development services for various platforms like Apple iOS, Android OS, Windows Mobile & HTML5 Web Application Development for Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia based small businesses.

Website Promotion Services

  • Website Design Development
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Print Media
  • Marketing Consulting Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

“Since hiring FAWWS Techmedia  I have a website that I can finally be proud of. But the best part is that my website has been on the first page of Google for all of my keywords, since I added SEO to my marketing solution. Thanks for doing such a great job.”

Barry R. Conner


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Online Marketing

Increase your sales. Guaranteed. Marketing tools to convert visitors into customers.

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Why You Should Be Using Social Media for Your Construction Firm

You’re probably aware of the fact that many companies use social media as a way to advertise their products and connect with consumers. However, many construction firms probably may not see the benefit of social media their businesses. This is a big mistake, as social media can actually be a huge benefit.   The following are some of the benefits of using social media for your construction firm: Increase web traffic – By regularly using your social media page(s) and connecting with users, you’ll help to boost interest in your company and thereby drive more traffic to your main website. The more traffic your website experiences, the more chances you have of gaining new customers. Improve your brand identity – Social media is one of the best ways that you can build your brand. You can do this by regularly posting informative and engaging content that will help establish your brand as an authority within the construction industry. Word of mouth advertising – Most businesses understand the power of word of mouth advertising, but not as many realize that social media can provide this in spades. When you engage with existing customers online, they will often share content or your profile on their own…

How You Can Get Started with Google Analytics

Keeping up with what’s working – and what’s not – on your company’s website is easy to do when you understand the ins and outs of Google Analytics. This free and comprehensive tool answers a myriad of questions about who uses your site and how, what brings them there, how keywords/phrases are trending and it can also show you what sends them away. Putting this information to good use will allow you to continually tweak your website design and content creation in a way that resonates with your visitors. Here are some tips for how to get started with Google Analytics: Embed the Code. Google Analytics “lives” on your site once you embed the customized code. The code will be formulated for you once you create your Google Analytics profile. You will need to follow the protocol for your website host to embed it. Customize your Dashboard. You can set up your dashboard to reflect the types of information you are most interested in tracking, measuring, monitoring and learning about. These reports are incredibly varied and include things like: Visitors Traffic Sources Content Goals Ecommerce Depending on  your business, some of these will be more valuable than others. For example, if you are getting lots…

How Can Ecommerce Website Design Help Business Owners?

We all know of a businessman who invested all of his capital on a business venture without any concrete marketing plan in mind. After six months, he is ready to close the shop and declare bankruptcy. This kind of scenario is not something that alarms us, especially in these hard times. We can see this exact situation in every business sector, everywhere in the world. As business ventures struggle to stay afloat, debt is clearly on the winning streak. Is there ever a solution to this common dilemma of business owners? The answer is yes, and it is through ecommerce website design. Business owners are now thinking of innovative marketing strategies to suit the demands of consumers, and it is but timely to maximize the potential of the internet. Since the internet is easily accessible and widely available, more businesses are prompted to have a website. A website that will allow customers to make the transaction without going to the physical stores. Why do business owners need a website with an ecommerce design? An ecommerce website design enables transactions such as paying online for jobs, products or services through the internet. It is a medium of communication between a company and…

The 5 Most Important Characteristics to Look for In a Website Design Firm

Your company website may be the most important tool you have for promoting your company and making sales. Even if your website is not an e-commerce site, it is important that it be engaging and easy for visitors to use. Jeremy had dreamed of owning his own business for years and now he had launched his own e-commerce business. Now, he needed a website that would establish him as the premier fly-fishing product destination. He interviewed a number of website design firms and finally settled on one that he knew would turn his website into just what he wanted. With their experience and knowledge and a past track record of successful websites, he knew he had made the right decision. Today, he updates his website weekly with new products and a blog that brings in hundreds of visitors daily. Experience One of the qualities to look for in a website design firm is experience. You can determine experience by asking for references from clients they have worked with in the past. Ask the following questions of references: • Did they meet deadlines? • Were you satisfied with the end product? • How effective do you think the website they designed is? •…

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