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We care about your business as much as you do. Therefore, we work with you every step of the way to ensure we are delivering the right solution for you business at the right time. When four-star service is a must, you can count on our year-round flawless service. We know what you really want, and more importantly, how to position it properly for maximum exposure.

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Plain and simple, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of bringing more qualified prospects to your website through the most popular search engines.FAWWS utilizes 2 highly effect SEM strategies to double or even triple your revenues.

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We understands how to attract the right people to your business by using simple yet effective custom website designs that literally will do all the customer acquisition for you.

Mobile App Development

We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge Mobile Application Development services for various platforms like Apple iOS, Android OS, Windows Mobile & HTML5 Web Application Development for Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia based small businesses.

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  • Website Design Development
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“Since hiring FAWWS Techmedia  I have a website that I can finally be proud of. But the best part is that my website has been on the first page of Google for all of my keywords, since I added SEO to my marketing solution. Thanks for doing such a great job.”

Barry R. Conner


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Benefits of Business Translation Services

As businesses are growing their main aim is to go global, business translation services can become one of the best ways to make communication possible overseas. Business translation services can become of the best ways to boost sales, operate smoothly across international borders. Here are some of the best ways a business translation service will help your business grow.

Business credibility

Incorporating professional business translation services can help you boost your credibility, which will ensure that your brand’s message is always delivered. A good business translation services need to make sure that they have a good brand image, and translating your content into the local language is one of the best ways to attract people from foreign markets. The customers enjoy the content in their preferred language, which needs to be feel valued.

Expansion possibilities

A professional business translation services will help you understand the market better. Translation services will make sure that the language barrier is crossed and it becomes easier to attract international customers to become easy. This is where you can understand the market better, which is one of the best ways to unlock endless possibilities.

Improves communication

The language barrier is one of the main reasons you have troubles in your business. Miscommunication can lead to financial loss and reputation damage. The result is not always what is invested when it comes to translation services to help ensure clear communication. This will also help you understand the diverse culture and their languages, which can help facilitate the visitors, which can have a positive impact on the buying decision.

Increased conversion rates

The business website is translated into the native language of your target audience, which will allow you to spend more time on boosting your online presence which can result in a positive impact on your sales. Translation services is also one of the best ways to get more revenues for your business.

Strong online presence

Translating your online profile is one language which can benefit from high online visibility. The target audience is once valued for helping visit the website. This will also help you cross border expansion of your business.

Going global

The need to overcome the language barrier is one of the high curves which can have the right graphic growth. The numbers of business who are trying to enter into the foreign markets is growing, and communication is the key. Translation services can help you understand the certain industry and can help you reach out the larger markets on the global levels. The business culture is also something which varies from one country to another. A translation services company can help you overcome the hurdles and help you understand the standard practice, manners and writing styles.

Things you need to know to be a successful web designer

In the online world we are living in today most if the marketing that is done is taken place on the internet content page were the page with the most eye-catching content wins the game , even though they might have a really bad product in real life ,one of the most convincing and then best examples for this would be the men’s grooming brand Beardo which has a simple yet amazing web page and really eye-catching product photographs and really eye-catching graphics which makes the customers buy the product at the start of the page there was a boost in the sales of the product, thus proving the point that not just a great product but also a great web page is required to boost the products sale, which makes a good web designer at the of the game.

Here are some of the most basic tips that a web designer needs to follow to be successful at it and ace is game in the market of web designing.


Staying up-to-date:

As a web designer it is essential to stay ahead in this competitive market by learning sometimes unlearning the things learned just the day before , this involves in not just learn from an external source but also by sitting and testing out the program trying out different algorithms that can push you designs a notch up in the overall quality if the web page

Simple yet elegant:

It is never was a concept that a completed the design is a better-looking web page look, have always been the simplest being the very best of the work of the web designer simply does not mean the most basic design it means fewer elements yet elegant and very eye-catching.

Keep it user-friendly

This is the most important factor that should be considered while creating any form of web design at the end of the day, it is not for you nor the computer for whom the web is created for, thus it should always be created with the user on your mind, as stated in the earlier point make it as simple as possible so that the user can navigate through the web page very easily  and should enjoy the experience he or she is getting when they are on your web page .

Spare no elements to chance in making a page look good.

There are many elements that can be used in order to make a page look great and amazing. High definition photographs can be used vector images, and audio inflow can be used while the web page is being opened video files can be used in order that to make it more interesting and attractive these are certain things that can be done in order to give a boost to the web page.

SEO tools to rank your Site

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a term used to describe the process by which customers can find your business in the plethora of search engine results online. Using paid advertisements, you can get your website in front of many more eyes and end up with a lot more business generating clicks than you may think. Below, we’ll talk about some of the best seo tools to rank your website more noticeable and more prominent.

First of all, you need to focus on content. Having the most words is not the answer to your problem. It’s the use of keywords relative to your product that will bump you up in views and clicks, and make you higher on the list of search results. Using things like a custom tailored FAQ section and a regularly updated blog, can significantly increase your online presence. In fact, a regularly updated blog with relevant content can give you as much as 434% more traffic than one without.

The next thing you want to evaluate is the actual performance of your website. Are you being broadcast on the fastest server? Is your host the best in the business? Studies show that any time over three seconds that a webpage takes to load, the average customer will exponentially navigate away from it more and more the longer it takes. Your page views can drop by as much as 11% per second if your page is taking too long to load. It’s best to run this test on multiple devices across numerous internet connections. This will help in finding an average. If it’s longer than three seconds, it’s time to get to work in reevaluating your content and your server.


Finally, you need to address the images on your website, or lack thereof. Images are perfect content to use to break up the monotony of too many lines of text. Instead of looking like an endless rambling of a mad man, an image breaks up the text and makes it more inviting. Using images correctly can also increase the amount clicks and views your page receives. This is done by using ALT tags and using them appropriately. An ALT tag is a tag attached to an image, making it more searchable and part of the overall content of your website. As an example, if you are running a fashion blog and you put up pictures all the time, that makes sense, so people can see the fashions you’re writing about. In fact, there are some fashion blogs that are more pictures than words. However, if you don’t put any tags on the pictures, you will never be found amongst search results. You need to add ALT tags to your photos to make them just as searchable as your text. Adding words like dress, fashion, top, Milan, trendy, and other appropriate words to your photo tags, will exponentially increase the views you get on your site. Now that you have the tools, go build!

Why You Should Be Using Social Media for Your Construction Firm

You’re probably aware of the fact that many companies use social media as a way to advertise their products and connect with consumers. However, many construction firms probably may not see the benefit of social media their businesses. This is a big mistake, as social media can actually be a huge benefit.


The following are some of the benefits of using social media for your construction firm:

  • Increase web traffic – By regularly using your social media page(s) and connecting with users, you’ll help to boost interest in your company and thereby drive more traffic to your main website. The more traffic your website experiences, the more chances you have of gaining new customers.
  • Improve your brand identity – Social media is one of the best ways that you can build your brand. You can do this by regularly posting informative and engaging content that will help establish your brand as an authority within the construction industry.
  • Word of mouth advertising – Most businesses understand the power of word of mouth advertising, but not as many realize that social media can provide this in spades. When you engage with existing customers online, they will often share content or your profile on their own profiles, thereby exposing you to their social circles. You can use your user base of existing customers as references to attract other customers.
  • Gain valuable insight – One of the best ways that you can improve your business is by asking customers. Social media allows you to obtain direct feedback from existing and past customers that could help you improve the way you do business.

These are just a few benefits of using social media for your construction firm. For additional construction marketing tips, schedule a one-on-one consultation with us at F&A Worldwide Solutions today.

How You Can Get Started with Google Analytics

Keeping up with what’s working – and what’s not – on your company’s website is easy to do when you understand the ins and outs of Google Analytics. This free and comprehensive tool answers a myriad of questions about who uses your site and how, what brings them there, how keywords/phrases are trending and it can also show you what sends them away.

Putting this information to good use will allow you to continually tweak your website design and content creation in a way that resonates with your visitors.

Here are some tips for how to get started with Google Analytics:

Embed the Code. Google Analytics “lives” on your site once you embed the customized code. The code will be formulated for you once you create your Google Analytics profile. You will need to follow the protocol for your website host to embed it.

Customize your Dashboard. You can set up your dashboard to reflect the types of information you are most interested in tracking, measuring, monitoring and learning about. These reports are incredibly varied and include things like:

  • Visitors
  • Traffic Sources
  • Content
  • Goals
  • Ecommerce

Depending on  your business, some of these will be more valuable than others. For example, if you are getting lots of visitors but few leads or sales, the Content category will be meaningful for you as you can learn which pages people leave most often, allowing you to make necessary adjustments.

Adjust the Date Range. The default date range for reports is roughly 30 calendar days. However, you may want to view your stats for a previous quarter, year, etc., so make sure you’ve selected the appropriate date range for each report you wish to view.

For more personalized assistance learning how to get started with Google Analytics, schedule a consultation with a professional marketing expert.

How Can Ecommerce Website Design Help Business Owners?

We all know of a businessman who invested all of his capital on a business venture without any concrete marketing plan in mind. After six months, he is ready to close the shop and declare bankruptcy. This kind of scenario is not something that alarms us, especially in these hard times.

We can see this exact situation in every business sector, everywhere in the world. As business ventures struggle to stay afloat, debt is clearly on the winning streak. Is there ever a solution to this common dilemma of business owners?

The answer is yes, and it is through ecommerce website design.

Business owners are now thinking of innovative marketing strategies to suit the demands of consumers, and it is but timely to maximize the potential of the internet. Since the internet is easily accessible and widely available, more businesses are prompted to have a website. A website that will allow customers to make the transaction without going to the physical stores.

Why do business owners need a website with an ecommerce design?

An ecommerce website design enables transactions such as paying online for jobs, products or services through the internet. It is a medium of communication between a company and its clients. Businesses with an ecommerce website platform are able to expand their business because they make it easier for their customers to order and pay. Most companies increase their customer base after having an online residency for their physical stores to grow due to the internet’s increasing number of users.

Some of the benefits of a company having an online website with an ecommerce platform include:

• Giving customers more concise information about the product or company which is searchable at any available time
• Less manpower is needed to help with transactions
• Less manpower is also needed to explain about the product specifications and responding to concerns
• Less time is spent on updating inventories
• Faster transactions are made
• Giving the website’s users prompts
• Cutting down the company’s overall expenses

Unlike before, users who log into a company’s site do not need to be put on hold. Since everything is automated, companies can correspond with their clients at a shorter period of time. Companies without the ecommerce website availability, lose their chance to win more customers than they could have had. With an ecommerce website available, companies can give an admirable customer service, and have the ability to sell to a broader crowd.

When you build a website with an ecommerce website design, it is imperative that you gather as many customers as quickly as possible. Using your website effectively will give you the momentum you need to bring in revenue quickly for your company.

Technology evolves and so does the need to find ways to meet the demands of consumers. Being flexible, especially with business establishments is an important quality needed to meet the needs of the clients. The company’s overall success depends on its ability to satisfy its customers.

We have created a free report that shows you how you can triple your customer base in 6 months or less, by using effective strategies once you build your ecommerce website design. For a copy of that free report, simply click on the link below and download it today. You’ll be glad you did…

The 5 Most Important Characteristics to Look for In a Website Design Firm

Your company website may be the most important tool you have for promoting your company and making sales. Even if your website is not an e-commerce site, it is important that it be engaging and easy for visitors to use.

Jeremy had dreamed of owning his own business for years and now he had launched his own e-commerce business. Now, he needed a website that would establish him as the premier fly-fishing product destination. He interviewed a number of website design firms and finally settled on one that he knew would turn his website into just what he wanted. With their experience and knowledge and a past track record of successful websites, he knew he had made the right decision.

Today, he updates his website weekly with new products and a blog that brings in hundreds of visitors daily.


One of the qualities to look for in a website design firm is experience. You can determine experience by asking for references from clients they have worked with in the past. Ask the following questions of references:

• Did they meet deadlines?
• Were you satisfied with the end product?
• How effective do you think the website they designed is?
• Do you still have the same website design today?
• Would you use them again?

Also, ask a prospective design firm for a portfolio of their work. They should be able to give you a list of website pages from a variety of industries. Also, ask them if they have worked with companies similar to your own in the past.


Another characteristic to look for in a website design firm is knowledge. They should be able to talk to you clearly about the key elements of effective website design, including color schemes, themes, use of fonts, content, website structure and important content, such as contact information.

A good website design firm should also be able to translate discussions with you into a concrete website design plan. After several discussions, ask them for sketches of design ideas and decide if they reflect your own vision of the website and meet your goals.


Another factor in choosing a website design firm is price. Design firms charge a number of different ways. They may charge a flat rate for the entire project; they may charge an hourly rate; or they may charge a basic flat starting rate with additional charges if the project runs over a specific estimated number of hours. Newer web designers tend to charge lower rates. However, you are also working with a less experienced designer, so that may be a factor to consider.


Another quality to look for in a website design firm is flexibility. The design process is often one that involves a number of changes as the project progresses. When talking to past clients, ask how the designer handled changes. You want to know if changes to the design added to the cost of the project and if they were easy to make or encountered resistance and were difficult.


A good website design firm will place a high value on communication. You should be able to talk to the project manager every step along the way of the design process. Look for design firms that have established communication schedules and will talk to you regularly on the telephone or via email.

Choosing a website design firm can be a make or break deal when it comes to a new business. Even for established businesses, finding a quality website designer can make the difference between an easy transition to a new website or the process dragging on for weeks or months.

If you need a website design firm, let F & A Worldwide Solutions help you. Contact us and let us show you how our years of experience and knowledge will get your website quickly and efficiently up and running in no time.

We have recently written a free report that is helping businesses, turn their website into a revenue generating machine. Click on the link below and find out how you can double or even triple your customer base in 6 months or less.

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