SEO tools to rank your Site

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a term used to describe the process by which customers can find your business in the plethora of search engine results online. Using paid advertisements, you can get your website in front of many more eyes and end up with a lot more business generating clicks than you may think. Below, we’ll talk about some of the best seo tools to rank your website more noticeable and more prominent.

First of all, you need to focus on content. Having the most words is not the answer to your problem. It’s the use of keywords relative to your product that will bump you up in views and clicks, and make you higher on the list of search results. Using things like a custom tailored FAQ section and a regularly updated blog, can significantly increase your online presence. In fact, a regularly updated blog with relevant content can give you as much as 434% more traffic than one without.

The next thing you want to evaluate is the actual performance of your website. Are you being broadcast on the fastest server? Is your host the best in the business? Studies show that any time over three seconds that a webpage takes to load, the average customer will exponentially navigate away from it more and more the longer it takes. Your page views can drop by as much as 11% per second if your page is taking too long to load. It’s best to run this test on multiple devices across numerous internet connections. This will help in finding an average. If it’s longer than three seconds, it’s time to get to work in reevaluating your content and your server.


Finally, you need to address the images on your website, or lack thereof. Images are perfect content to use to break up the monotony of too many lines of text. Instead of looking like an endless rambling of a mad man, an image breaks up the text and makes it more inviting. Using images correctly can also increase the amount clicks and views your page receives. This is done by using ALT tags and using them appropriately. An ALT tag is a tag attached to an image, making it more searchable and part of the overall content of your website. As an example, if you are running a fashion blog and you put up pictures all the time, that makes sense, so people can see the fashions you’re writing about. In fact, there are some fashion blogs that are more pictures than words. However, if you don’t put any tags on the pictures, you will never be found amongst search results. You need to add ALT tags to your photos to make them just as searchable as your text. Adding words like dress, fashion, top, Milan, trendy, and other appropriate words to your photo tags, will exponentially increase the views you get on your site. Now that you have the tools, go build!

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