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Social Media Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. Google+. You have heard the terms (probably daily), but do you use them? How about you leverage them for your business? It is time to step up your social skills and mingle with the crowd! (Your customers)

F & A Worldwide Solutions can help you with all aspects of your social media campaign; from content creation and account set-up to full management and promotion of your social networks.

In a survey conducted in 2010, 88% of business owners stated that Social Media alone generated more exposure for their brand — ultimately provided a way to increase revenue in business.

Here are some of Our Social Media Programs & Services:

Content Marketing Pro

We all know we should post more on our blog; write and publish more helpful content for our customers; release insightful articles, guides, presentations, and press releases — but we just don’t have time, and in many cases the expertise. Well we can help. We put together executive level writers and creative minds to produce content that will raise awareness, generate leads and build your online reputation and search rank.

Facebook and Twitter Optimization and Marketing Plan

Facebook and Twitter are incredibly powerful tools that create familiarity and comfort with potential clients in order to foster a growing relationship. Our comprehensive plan strives to create these relationships through customizing your online social media face. We also have an option where we include training for your team to let you grab the reins and explore these tools on your own.

Social Media for Retail Customers

Not all social media is created equal. Retail and B2C companies need a social media marketing plan that gives their business visibility online and offline, encourages loyalty, enhances their reputation and drives customers to their locations. We believe that online and offline media work in concert to achieve desired results in the B2C silo.

Social Media Optimization

So maybe you set up a business page on Facebook and Twitter but perhaps it needs a more professional touch. Take your presence on Facebook and Twitter to the next level with customized pages, targeted ads and more. We will:

  • Create theme/background/layout for Twitter
  • Set up or customize your Facebook Pages Timeline and insert a client-provided message or offer. Additional buttons or customization is extra. (There is no limit to what we can do. Ask for details, prices vary).

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